Sharmin Smith for President 2020


Oprah hit the nail on the head when she said that she did not have the DNA to be president.  For many years we've heard that all the presidents were related and thanks to a young genealogist she was able to connect them all back to one King in History.  We all know the story whether we realize we know the story or not.  

We all know the story of Camelot, of King Richard the Lionheart, King Arthur and the Knights of The Round Table,  we all know who Robyn Hood is.  What we don't understand is how the presidents are connected to them, or how it still impacts us today.

King Richard was gay and had no interest in producing an heir, so when he went off to fight in the Crusades he picked his 11 year old nephew to be his heir.  He left his younger brother John in charge and John was the one taxing and torturing the citizens to death in Richards absence.  John decided he wanted to be King and he killed Richard and Arthur, the world would be a different place today if Arthur had been King.  All of our Presidents are descendant of King John.  John is credited with signing the Magna Carta, but he did not sign it voluntarily.  He was forced to sign it by the Feudal Barons who held him to task and forced him to give back some of the taxes he had taken from his subjects.  These Barons were responsible for sharing these taxes with the poor people in their area.  This is where trickle down economics began.  

We have been fighting this same battle with greedy politicians for a thousand years.  It seems impossible to believe, yet still it exists. It is going to take someone from within this bloodline to fight this battle and thanks to not only can I confirm that I am part of this bloodline, I have the desire to fight the battle.  Thousands of people alive today are part of this royal bloodline, but the desire to fight this battle only rises up in a select few.

Throughout history the people who have chosen to fight this battle have died gruesome deaths.  I know that getting into this fight is dangerous for me and for my family.  I also know that no matter what some day I will die.  Some day I will have to stand tall in front of my maker and meet my ancestors and when they ask me what I did while I was here to try and fix this mess, I'd like to have a good answer. I am simply working on my answer.

As a regular citizen, a member of the 99% I know that I am under qualified for this job.  We have put the most qualified people in the country up for this job and they have failed.  The normal rules do not apply any more and every day I hear calls for a regular person to step up.  I am stepping up to the plate and doing what is in my heart to help save our country.  I could spend the rest of my life ignoring the calling in my heart to run for this office because I know in my mind I'm not good enough.  Or I can step out of my comfort zone, introduce myself, and let you decide if my heart is in the right place.

Posted on 31 Jul 2018, 11:30 - Category: Call to Action

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