Sharmin Smith for President 2020

Welcome to Sharmin Smith for President 2020

Sharmin Smith is an every day mom, wife and American citizen who can not stand by any longer and watch our wonderful country held hostage by politicians who are corrupt and do not respect the will of their constituents. Sharmin has traveled the country as a military brat and spouse to a career Naval Officer.  She has seen the hurt in our citizen's faces as they try to pay their bills and raise their children in a country that seems to not care about them anymore. The major parties are trying to tear the country apart by espousing division as they know this will keep their constituents distracted while they work with Big Banks, Pharma and Industry to rob us blind.  Sharmin knows there is nothing so wrong with this country that it can't be corrected with a little common sense and compassion. Rather than sit on the sidelines and complain about the issues she is brave enough to jump on the playing field to change the status quo.

Sharmin is not a career politician, she is not an executive of a big company and she does not have a college degree.  70% of our voting population does not have a college degree and they're tired of being insulted for it. What she has is a life of experiences that have helped her through being a homeless single mom to managing a staff of Mortgage Underwriters and gaining the courage to write a book about her childhood sexual abuse. 
The latest tax bill has repeatedly been referred to as a "cash out" on the American Taxpayer.  She wants you to now that does not scare her because she knows exactly how to collect on the debtors who think they will cash out and run. She is a strong American woman that is not afraid to speak her mind. 

Sharmin will never blindly follow the crowd if she knows it is the wrong direction and she knows our country is heading in the wrong direction.  She wants to Protect our Kids in 2020!  We need to work together to make our country strong again for our next generation.  She is passionate about several issues but she feels to make our country better we have to focus on:

1. Erradicating our country of Pedophilia. 

Sharmin believes in the death penalty for Pedophiles.  Stop letting our churches, politicians and wealthy from either participating, covering up or ignoring the sexual abuse of children. 

2. Raising the Minimum Wage.  

We need a wage that prevents people from qualifying for public services.  In 2016, that number is $16.16 an hour with a annual $1.01 raise every January 1st.  Increase the middle class vice poverty.  The top 1% will try to tell you it will bankrupt the country.  The truth is it cuts into their wealth and has consistently created growth.  They are afraid of a middle class that stops blindly following the lies they have been telling us for years and who rises up to take back our country.  

3. Wall Street needs to be held accountable.

Drug test Wall Street.  Stop letting Wall Street gamble with our financial future.  Stop bailing out Wall Street and start imprisoning those that steal from us and deliberately destroy our economy. 



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